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      After Closing Checklist

      Follow these steps to make your new home purchase go smoothly.

      After Closing Checklist

      1. You will receive from the County Clerk’s office the original recorded Warranty Deed that transferred title of the property to you. Store this document in safekeeping, as you may need it in the future for reference purposes. (NOTE: a deed is not like a car title – you do not need the original to the property. Once the deed is recorded, your title is of public record with the County Clerk.
      2. You will receive from the Title Company an Owner Policy of Title Insurance. This document should also be stored in safekeeping with your other important papers. Always verify names and legal descriptions on the policy prior to storing.
      3. You will receive a coupon book or other instructions about making your monthly loan payments from your lender. If you do not receive the coupon book or instructions in time to make your first payment, call your lender to assist you.
      4. Make certain to file your homestead exemption with the various taxing authorities that collect taxes on your property. You must be the owner of the property on January 1st to file for this exemption or other exemptions you may qualify for and can do so anytime between January 1st and April 30th.
      5. If your property taxes are being escrowed/impounded by your mortgage company, forward any tax notices you may receive in the mail to your lender so they can pay the taxes in a timely manner.
      6. It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to be certain the property is rendered in the taxpayer’s name for the upcoming tax year – contact the County Appraisal District for assistance in making certain this is done.


      • Post Office (give forwarding address)
      • Charge accounts, credit card companies
      • Subscriptions (most require several weeks notice!)
      • Friends and relatives
      • Banks, may need to transfer funds
      • Insurance coverage (life, health, fire, and auto)
      • Car title registration
      • Driver’s license
      • Motor club memberships
      • Utility companies (gas, light, water, telephone, fuel, cable and arrange for refunds of deposits!)
      • Home delivery services
      • School records
      • Medical, dental, prescriptions
      • Churches, clubs, civic organizations
      • Pet care (ask about regulations, vaccinations, tags, etc)


      • Empty freezers and plan use of foods
      • Defrost freezer/refrigerator
      • Have appliances serviced for moving
      • Make arrangements for TV & cable services
      • Clean area rugs and have them packed


      • Plan special care needs of children, pets, and potted plants.
      • Carry currency, jewelry, and documents yourself.
      • Plan for transporting pets, they are poor traveling companions if unhappy.
      • Carry traveler’s checks for quick available funds.
      • Let a close friend or relative know the route and schedule you will travel including overnight stops, use him or her as message headquarters.
      • Double-check old closets, drawers, and shelves to be sure they are empty.
      • Bring all keys needed by new owner (front/back door, interior doors, mailbox, garage door opener)