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      Buy Before You Sell


      With the HomeLight Buy Before You Sell program, you can buy your new home before even listing your current home, eliminating any concerns over qualifying for both mortgages at the same time or the need for a home sale contingency.If needed, you can also tap into your current home equity immediately with a down payment loan for their new purchase! Would you like to remove the stress of selling your home before buying your new home?  With our Homelight Lender Program BUY BEFORE YOU SELL, we can help you Sell Successfully.

      Here is how it works!

      Step 1: With our Lending Partner HomeLight we will do an assessment on the condition of your
      current home and provide you with a Guaranteed Offer Price

      Step 2: Shop with pre-approval or cash approval and no home sale contingency. You get to go shopping for a new home with a traditional pre-approval through HomeLight or
      another lender, or with the most powerful all-cash offer through HomeLight.  When you find your new home we will submit competitive offers that are not contingent on the sale of the current home.

      Step 3: Once the offer is accepted on the new home, We create a listing plan for old home.

      Step 4: You close on new home.  Utilize your own assets or utilize the equity in your current home then pack up and move in! Monthly mortgage coverage is even available if needed.

      Step 5: We then List your current home within 10 days of closing on new home. Once your old home sells, you receive the proceeds.

      Here is the best part…. if the home does not go under contract within 90 days of the closing on their new home,
      HomeLight will purchase it at the Guaranteed Offer Price!

      This is a complete Win/Win for you!

      Im Ready To Sell!