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      Property Tax Rates On The Rise


      Did you buy a new home this past year, if so be sure to file for your Homestead Exemption for a discount on your taxes before the April 30th Deadline.  You can only have one home with the exemption and it has to be your permanent residence.  You may qualify for other exemptions but will need to visit the website of your county to find out more information.  For quick access go to my Resources ( page and click on your county.

      Assessed Value
      For the third year in a row, Harris and Surrounding counties have seen rising property taxes by as much as 10-15%.  Take a look at the value being shown for your property.  If you feel that it is over-valued, give me a call and we can run a comparative market analysis to see what other homes in your area have sold for to determine if you have a good case to protest the value in the 2018 season. Only New Jersey and Illinois rival Texas when it comes to property tax rising rates  -High Texas Property Taxes (  However, there is a cap on the amount they will raise, watch this video for more information (link on word video – There is one good thing to note and the reason why Texas is one of the fastest-growing economies in the country, while we may have higher property taxes when compared to other states, we DO NOT have a state income tax and that is very beneficial and inviting.

      Always looking out for you and your investment, give me a call for all your real estate needs.
      Thank you so much.